Pathos Inc. was started in 1996 specializing in the promotion and production of Greek ethnic events.  The events have included fundraising for non-profit as well as 4 wall events held at various venues.  Since 1996 we have been regarded among the casino properties as the premier Greek ethnic promoter and have assisted in the development and growth of their Greek marketing programs.  With a database of thousands, Pathos Inc. continues to be a Greek Marketing resource for many businesses and non-profit organizations.  We take pride in maintaining a reputation among the top artists of Greece as a company that is organized and professional in their productions.  It is our main focus to have all details in place to allow the artist to present their concert in a stress free environment.

Our mission is to create quality events that bring the music, dance and language of Greece closer to its audience while developing a broader fan base.

Pathos Inc. has worked with many top artists from Greece while promoting and producing the events at Casinos in Atlantic City, Connecticut and Las Vegas.  Pathos Inc. has co-produced many events in major cities throughout the USA.

Below you will find a list of the artists:

  • Antique
  • Stathis Aggelopoulos
  • George Alkaios
  • Antipas
  • Christos Antoniadis
  • Yiannis Bounelis
  • George Dalaras
  • Christos Dantis
  • Angela Demetriou
  • Angelos Dionisou
  • Stelios Dionisiou
  • Elli Kokkinou
  • Charalambos
  • Gargarnourakis
  • Glykeria
  • Stella Giorgiadou
  • Litsa Giagousi
  • Lakis Halkias
  • Petros Imvrious
  • Lambis Livieratos
  • Peggy Zina
  • Giorgos Lianos
  • Vasilis Karras
  • Eleni Karousaki
  • Stella Konitopoulou
  • Konstantina
  • Roula Koromila
  • Katerina Kouka
  • Lillian Madianou
  • Christina Maragozi
  • Giorgos Margaritis
  • Giorgos Mazonakis
  • Pamela
  • Lena Papadopoulou
  • Yiannis Parios
  • Antonis Remos
  • Gina Spiliotopoulou
  • Katerina Stanisi
  • Yiannis Vardis
  • Sophia Vika
  • Zig Zag
  • Anna Vissi
  • Maro Lytra
  • Nikos Makropoulos
  • Eleana Papaioannou
  • Kostas Karafotis
  • Nikos Vertis